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Created to track pages with questions as to accuracy of spelling or category (operational loss/KIA, etc)

Is 1959 order correct? Has LTjg as last entry. DIdn't do class navigation there yet.

JOHN N. WILT, 2LT, USMC - Travis Manion Foundation says he was promoted to 1LT posthumously.

KYLAN A. JONES-HUFFMAN, LT, USN - most sites refer to him as reservist

MATTHEW W. BANCROFT, CAPT, USMC - killed when a/c crashed in Pakistan supporting OEF. Not KIA, right? Marked as OEF, too… need to be consistent with operational losses in direct support of wars.


WILLIAM R. WATKINS, III, MAJ, USAF - listed on as LtCol

BRETT M. BEKKEN, LTCOL, USMCR - listed in news reports as Major. Also listed first on his class memorial stone… which doesn't make sense! (Normally chronologic)

PAUL A. AMBROCI, LT, USN - All news and obituary sites spell his last name with a G. Suspect transcription error when compiling list; need to verify memorial plaque is correct.

MARK A. PRUSINKSI, LT, USN - believe last name is a typo; should be PRUSINSKI. Verify memorial plaque is correct.

CHRISTOPHER B. WILHELMY, LT, USN - Lucky Bag has WILHEMY; likely a typo in title. Need to verify Memorial Hall has it spelled correctly.

EUGENE T. MCCARTHY, JR., MAJ, USMC - Believe this should be USMCR. Also I listed him as KIA… is that correct?

THOMAS J. EVANS, CAPT, USMC - lists him as a 1LT

ANTHONY W. STANCIL, 1LT, USMC - headstone has CAPT, as does other source. Other source also has USMCR.

RICHARD C. RUTKIEWICZ, LCDR, USN - Verify Memorial Hall spelling is the correct RUTKIEWICZ and not RUTHIEWICZ

John Ludwig, III '68 - magazine of Naval Helicopter Association says he left the Navy and was the Hughes chief test pilot when he was killed. A book also refers to him as a "Hughes crew member" and the "chief experimental test pilot."

John Rowney '67 - he wasn't a pilot, and crashed in plane "owned by the Navy Flying Club at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey."