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Birthdate & Date of Loss

Date of birth: March 19, 1930
Date of death: August 7, 1956
Age: 26

Lucky Bag

1953 Frederick LB.jpg

From the 1953 Lucky Bag:


Berkley, Michigan

Georgie, as known to his wives and good friends, came from a little town in Michigan called Berkley. Attended Wayne University for one year, but finding things too easy, he realized a childhood dream and came to Navy Tech. A track man in high school, he continued the sport at NA by running his head off on the cinders almost every afternoon. Not one for the social life, he preferred to delve in a book instead. He loved to eat and just loaf. Favorite complaint was that he had to go to school. When everything else had been taken care of, then he studied. A Navy man from way back, the Navy Air will receive another.

Life & Loss

Unable to find any information about George's life or loss. He is buried in Colorado.

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George is one of 62 members of the Class of 1953 in Memorial Hall.
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