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George Dall '41

Date of birth: April 11, 1920

Date of death: December 18, 1944

Age: 24

Lucky Bag

George Robert Dall is one of the names listed below this passage:

These are the men who have been at one time members of the Class of Nineteen Hundred Forty-one, but for various reasons—often things over which they had no control—they did not remain to finish with us. Some of them are now in civilian life, and to them we with all the success that life can offer. Others are members of classes now in the Academy, and for them we hope that our meeting as brother officers in the Service, though delayed, is no less certain of fulfillment.


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There is quite a bit of conflicting evidence on George's loss. It appears that he was lost on December 18, 1944, when the B-29 ("Dixie Darlin'") he was aboard crashed while on a bombing mission to Nagoya, Japan, from Saipan. The bomber was last seen approximately 80 nautical miles from Iwo Jima. The crew of eleven were initially declared MIA and later killed in action.

From Find A Grave:

Graduated from the California Institute of Technology in 1941, and later enlisted as a Private in the Army Air Forces on 24 November 1942 at Los Angeles, California.

From April through September 1944, underwent B-29 aircraft transition and combat crew training at Pratt Army Air Field, Kansas.

In Nov 1944, deployed to the Central Pacific Theatre of Operations and was assigned to 20th Air Force, XXI Bomber Command, 73rd Bomb Wing, 497th Bombardment Group, 871st Bomb Squadron stationed at Isley Field on Saipan in the Mariana Islands.

On 13 Dec 1944 his crew took-off at 1909hrs aboard "Dixie Darling" on a XXI BC weather strike mission (WSM #23A), but returned at 0950hrs on 14 Dec 1944 with engine trouble and without hitting the target.

On 18 December 1944, he flew as the Flight Engineer aboard a Boeing B-29 Superfortress nicknamed "Dixie Darling" (Serial #42-63413) Tail Code: A-Square-45.

It was one of 89 aircraft launched in a multi-group formation to bombard the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Company and Aircraft Engine Plants near Nagoya, Japan.

However approximately 80 nautical miles west of Iwo Jima, his aircraft was last sighted leaving the formation at a geographic location of 24 degrees +33 minutes North and 139 degrees +50 minutes East. Weather at the time was under-cast with a ceiling of 10,000 feet and less than 3 miles of visibility at sea level.

His aircraft never returned to Saipan and was presumed to have been forced to ditch due to mechanical problems. A routine sea search failed to reveal any trace of the plane or survivors.

His draft card, which states he registered in July 1941, lists the following information:

  • Date of birth: April 11, 1920
  • Place of birth: Lorain, Ohio
  • Residence place: Los Angeles, CA
  • Employer: San Diego Gas & Electric
  • Head of household: self
  • Height: 5' 8"
  • Weight: 145
  • Complexion: Light
  • Hair: Brown
  • Next of kin: Grace Dall

Grace was his mother; she lived in La Mesa, California.

The Annual Register of the United States Naval Academy 1939-1940 lists his age at admission as 17 years, 3 months. Admission date was July 21, 1937 (from Ohio); this makes his date of birth ~April 1920. He was "Honorably discharged on account of physical disability" on June 1, 1939.

The Register of Alumni gives only "GEORGE ROBERT DALL, 12/1944".

George is not listed in the Register of Commissioned and Warrant Officers of the United States Navy and Marine Corps of 1941 nor the editions for 1944 or 1945.

Note: It appears several aspects of this biography are wrong, including his prior service, his date of birth, and place of birth.

Memorial Hall Error

George was not a LT in the Navy; he should be listed as a 2LT, USA.

George is listed on the killed in action panel in the front of Memorial Hall. While not an obvious error, inclusion on the panel for crashes like this (incidental to combat flights) has been inconsistent across WWII, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War.

Class of 1941

George is one of 60 members of the Class of 1941 on Virtual Memorial Hall.