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Hamilton Searight '14

Date of birth: March 11, 1891

Date of death: April 14, 1942

Age: 51

Naval Academy Register

Hamilton Folts Searight was admitted to the Naval Academy from Texas on July 12, 1910 at age 19 years 4 months.

As a 3/c midshipman, he was "deficient at annual examination, and at reexamination in September" and resigned.

Lucky Bag

Hamilton Folts Searight, "Pat", from Texas is listed on the page of those "Lost At Sea."


Hamilton was lost on April 14, 1942 while on the Bataan Death March.

He was the commanding officer of the 51st Field Artillery Regiment (Philippine Army). The Regiment had not been fully mobilized before the beginning of the war. Hamilton is mentioned several times in "United States Army in WWII - the Pacific" by Louis Morton.

He was married sometime before 1924. He was survived by her, his daughter, Louise, his mother, and two brothers.


He was a major at the Senior ROTC, Alabama Polytechnic Institute, Auburn, Alabama, in November 1940.

From the 1942 Army Register:

Searight, Hamilton F. (O10112). B[orn]— Tex. 11 Mar. 91. A[ppointed]—Tex. S. S. Grad.: F. A. [Field Artillery] Sch., Btry. Officers' Course, 26, Advanced Horsemanship Course, 31.

Federal: Midshipman U.S. Navy 12 July 10 to 5 Oct. 11. 2 lt. F.A. Sec. O.R. C. 27 Nov. 17; accepted 27 Nov. 17; active duty 27 Nov. 17; 1 lt. of F.A. USA 13 Oct. 18; accepted 19 Oct. 18; capt. of F.A. USA 25 Feb. 19; accepted 28 Feb. 19; vacated 7 Sept. 20. — 1 lt. of F.A. 1 July 20; accepted 7 Sept. 20; capt. 15 May 29; maj. 1 Sept. 38; lt. col. 4 Jan. 41.

Legion of Merit

Hamilton was posthumously awarded the Legion of Merit.

Silver Star

Unable to find a citation for the Silver Star he was awarded.


At Duke University, the Colonel Hamilton Folts Searight Loan Fund was established in 1957 by gift from Mrs. Louise Searight Morell, '42; to be used for the aid of students pursuing a science curriculum.

Memorial Hall Error

Hamilton was a Lieutenant Colonel, not a Captain as is listed in Memorial Hall. (The "Roll Call" issue of Shipmate, September 1946, lists him as a Lt. Colonel.)

Class of 1914

Hamilton is one of 7 members of the Class of 1914 on Virtual Memorial Hall.