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Horace Busby '23

Date of birth: 1900

Date of death: June 23, 1928

Age: ~27

Lucky Bag

"Busbey, H. C." is listed in the section titled "Down Three Double O". Some have pictures and brief updates; Horace does not.


From Find A Grave:

2ndLT H. C. Busbey, USMC, was designated Naval Aviator #3373 in 1927. 1stLT Busbey died as result of an aircraft acideent near File, Va.

He is buried in Arlington National Cemetery with his wife, who survived him.


From the May 6, 1922 issue of "Army and Navy Register and Defense Times":

Eighteen enlisted men of the Marine Corps and twelve graduates of distinguished military colleges have been confirmed by the Senate for appointment as probationary second lieutenants in the Marine Corps, and commissions were sent out to them this week. One of the enlisted men is Horace C. Busby, who at one time belonged to the Naval Academy class of 1923 and for whom special legislation was put through Congress to permit his appointment as a second lieutenant in advance of the graduation of that class.

Memorial Hall Errors

He is listed on the killed in action panel at the front of Memorial Hall as having died during the Nicaraguan Intervention of 1932. The accident that killed him occurred four years before that conflict.

Horace's last name is spelled "Busbey", not "Busby" as is in Memorial Hall.

Class of 1923

Horace is one of 25 members of the Class of 1923 in Memorial Hall.