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Birthdate & Date of Loss

Date of birth: unknown
Date of death: April 20, 1945
Age: unknown

Lucky Bag

Howard Aubrey McBride is listed on a page titled "Gone… But Ne'er Forgotten":

There were close to a thousand of us when we entered in June of 1940 and formed the new fourth class, the class of 1944. Now, as we graduate one year ahead of time, there are less than 800. But we who go to join the active service s are sure in our minds that our friends of fourth class summer who have left us at various stages of the course will find their place in the American Victory Machine, rolling relentlessly on to a triumph over the forces of evil that threaten the life and liberty we all hold so dear.

The Annual Register of the United States Naval Academy 1941-1942 lists him as "Deficient in studies, first term's work. Continued with class pending reexamination. Reexamined and again deficient. Recommended to be dropped. Permitted to resign." on March 7, 1941.

The Class of 1944 was graduated in June 1943 due to World War II. The entirety of 2nd class (junior) year was removed from the curriculum.

Life & Loss

Unable to find any information about Howard's life or loss. From Naval History:

MCBRIDE, Howard A, Lieutenant Junior Grade, O-337446, USN, from New York, location Central/South Pacific Theater, missing, date of loss April 20, 1945. Mother, Mrs. Florence McBride, 1639 W. Colvin St., Syracuse, NY

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