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John Cain, Jr. '54

Date of birth: 1835

Date of death: August 12, 1855

Age: ~20

Lucky Bag

The Lucky Bag was first published in 1894.

Life & Loss

Unable to find any details about John's life or loss, except that he died on USS Falmouth (1827) on August 12, 1855 while that ship was at sea.

He was one of six members of the [entering] class of 1851 who "were advanced and permitted to complete the course in three years."

He is buried in Indiana.


From the Naval History and Heritage Command:

Acting Midshipman, 4 October, 1851. Midshipman, 10 June, 1854. Died 12 August, 1855.

Memorial Hall Error

John is listed as an Ensign; however, this rank did not exist until 1862.

Class of 1854

John is one of 2 members of the Class of 1854 in Memorial Hall.