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Birthdate & Date of Loss

Date of birth: unknown
Date of death: September 1, 1955
Age: unknown

Lucky Bag

1953 Connolly LB.jpg

From the 1953 Lucky Bag:


Gurnee, Illinois

With a bang Bob arrived at the Academy from Gurnee, (you've never heard of it) Illinois. A Lake Forest Academy and Bullis alum, Bob was all for Navy line when he arrived and never changed. After finishing plebe year, he donated his spare time to keeping the Splinter out of the red and keeping Saturday evening shut-ins amused by his disk-jockey show on WRNV. During second class summer, to break the monotony of summer leave, Bob spent a week investigating the Submarine Service at New London. Wherever he goes, his rendition of the "Mating Call of the Female Kangaroo" will long be remembered. Wangy, Dangy, Dangy. . . .

He was also a member of the 5th Battalion staff for the winter set and wrote for the LOG Splinter.


Martin was lost when the C-47 aircraft he was a passenger aboard crashed in Alaska on September 1, 1955; all seven aboard were killed. The wife of one of the passengers — the passenger aboard because he was a contractor to the Air Force — sued the Air Force on the basis that the crash was due entirely to pilot error. The case law has a detailed account of the crash.

Martin is buried in Pennsylvania.

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