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William Steinhagen '01

Date of birth: unknown

Date of death: December 19, 1901

Age: unknown

Lucky Bag

From the 1901 Lucky Bag:


William died on December 19, 1901 of "an attack of malarial fever" in La Fey, Cuba, while aboard the patrol yacht Vixen. The Annual Register of the United States Naval Academy 1902-1903 gives the same date and place.

He was survived by his wife and his mother.

He stood number 5 in his class following his 3/c year; he was number 20 (of 67) the following year. Following examinations his 1/c year he stood number 29. As was the practice at the time, he was then sent to the fleet for two years, still as a Naval Cadet. His classmates were commissioned as Ensigns on June 7, 1903.

Memorial Hall Error

William was a "Naval Cadet;" Memorial Hall has Midshipman, a rank which was not re-established until July 1, 1902.

Illness is not a criteria for inclusion in Memorial Hall.

Class of 1901

William is one of 4 members of the Class of 1901 on Virtual Memorial Hall.