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Alan Barnett '15

Date of birth: June 20, 1892

Date of death: March 5, 1930

Age: 37

Lucky Bag

From the 1915 Lucky Bag:


From the 1915 Lucky Bag

Alan "jumped overboard from the destroyer Bainbridge on the night of Wednesday, March 5," 1930.

He has a memorial marker in Ohio.

From researcher Kathy Franz:

Alan had a 15-year career in the Navy with his last station being aboard USS New York. He became mentally exhausted from overwork and was being sent on USS Bainbridge to the Naval Hospital in Norfolk, Virginia, for treatment. He broke away from his guards and jumped overboard near Cape Maisi, Cuba.

His parents were John, a farmer and agricultural editor, and Esther. Alan was their only child.

Class of 1915

Alan is one of 18 members of the Class of 1915 on Virtual Memorial Hall.

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