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Date of birth: August 8, 1914

Date of death: February 3, 1949

Age: 34

Lucky Bag

1938 Minvielle LB.jpg

From the 1938 Lucky Bag:


San Leandro, California

Minnie, Al

Coming straight from sun-kissed California without the assistance of a prep school, Minnie has always demonstrated the ability of being able to solve his problems by depending upon himself. Blessed with an extra share of muscle, he has done his part for the honor of Navy in athletics, working day after day on the football squad in the fall, throwing the heaviest wrestlers around the ring in the winter, and wielding a lacrosse stick in the spring. French being his native tongue, he couldn't understand the difficulty the rest of us had with Dago; small wonder he was popular with those who didn't come by it so naturally. Friendly, unselfish, working hard but unobtrusively, Minnie is a shipmate who can be depended upon to pull his full share of the load. He is an ideal roommate and a loyal friend.

Football 4, 3, 2, 1, NA; Wrestling 4, 3, 2, 1, NA; Lacrosse 4, 3, 2, 1, NA; M.P.O.


From Find A Grave:

Lieutenant (Junior Grade) A. M. Minvielle, USN was designated Naval Aviator #7063 in 1941. Graduated U.S. Naval Academy, Class of 1938.

"U.S. Navy Commander A. Minvielle (pilot), U.S. Navy Reserve Lieutenant (junior grade) Charles Matus (co-pilot), Civil Service Dr. J.K.L. McDonald, Civil Service Dr. John McKinley, Civil Service employee Mr. Myron G. Kellogg, Civil Service employee Mr. Rodney Morrin and Civil Service employee Mr. Joseph Vargus lost their lives when their JRB-4 Expeditor (BuNo 90550) crashed in the Sierras. The wreckage was found 21 April 1949 near Owens Peak."

Commander Minvielle was married to the former Miss Eleanor Dawson of Portland, Maine. They had four children.

He is buried in California.


From China Lake Alumni:

NAF sailors begin the construction of the on-site recreation area that will later be dedicated to the memory of Cdr. Alphonse Minvielle, USN, who was lost in a 1948 aircraft accident; Minvielle Park (a.k.a. “NAF pool” and “Miniville”) will be expanded over the years—by SEABEE-supported “self-help” projects—to include a large pool, lawns and trees, and other amenities.

Wartime Service

Alphonse was commanding officer of Night Fighting Squadron (VF(N)) 91 from October 5, 1944 — unclear when he was relieved, but it appears he served through the end of the war. The squadron flew from USS Bon Homme Richard (CV 31) and was credited with 9 confirmed and 2 probable air-to-air victories.

On May 16, 1945, his F6F-5N Hellcat crashed near Pearl Harbor.


Alphonse's name wasn't added to Memorial Hall until November 2017.