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{{KeyDates|DoB=August 20, 1969|DoD=September 15, 1997|Age=28|name_class=Brian Smith '91}}
{{KeyDates|DoB=August 20, 1969|DoD=September 15, 1997|Age=28|name_class=Brian Smith '91}}
== Lucky Bag ==
[[File:1991 Smith LB.jpg|250px]]
|picture=1991 Smith LB.jpg
|LBName=Brian Michael Smith
|LBHometown=Louisville, Kentucky
|LBText=Brian… My half brother who often got all the good things meant for me, while I received his vast mistakes because my first name was second alphabetically. We had some good times: G-Town 3/c year, Franny-O's every semester, Army-Navy 1/c year, and hopefully a job with your Dad at Jack Daniels when I get out. Good luck with your new wife and Semper Fi! P.S. Don't be late for my wedding! -Joe- Smitty, who thought that buying a 1 Karat rock was worth a case of beer. Whatever happened to Luke. Semper Fi to a tamed man and one helluva lady! -Cid- Brian was known for his "gungyness" through many late night recons, his ability to jump WALLS along early morning runs with the plebers. After a USAFA tour he found his one and only! I wish him the best and may the Corps keep him in line. -DBW- Smitty, who didn't know the difference between a washer and dryer, or how to empty the garbage when we met, has been broken. Must be a hell of a woman, like Karen-Andrea was—too bad she got blown away. Must have been too many nights at AU or NYC. I hope you've learned your lesson about the shell game, but other than that I know that you'll never change—no matter how many stripes you wear, you'll always be the leader of the group. -TAB}}

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Brian Smith '91

Date of birth: August 20, 1969

Date of death: September 15, 1997

Age: 28

Lucky Bag

From the 1991 Lucky Bag:


Via USNA '91:

Captain Brian Michael Smith, USMC, died in an F/A-18D Hornet crash off the coast of Cherry Point, NC on 15 September 1997. He was the pilot of a two-seat F/A-18 that went down in the bay just short of the Piney Island range during routine night bombing operations.

A memorial service was held at MCAS Beaufort on 19 September and the funeral was held in Elyria, OH on 29 September. He is buried at St. Mary's Cemetery in Elyria.

Brian graduated from high school in Nashville, TN prior to enrolling in the Naval Academy. He graduated in 1991 and selected Marine Corps Aviation. He married Maria Rutkowski, a 1991 graduate of the US Air Force Academy, in June of 1991. Brian completed TBS in Quantico, VA, Aviation Indoctrination and Primary Flight Training in Pensacola, FL, then completed Intermediate and Advanced Jet training in Kingsville, TX. He earned his Wings of Gold in August 1994 and selected F/A-18s. After one year FRS training in VFA-106 at NAS Cecil Field, FL, he was assigned to VMFA-224 in MCAS Beaufort, SC. He has been with the Bengals for over two years, serving two deployments to Aviano, Italy.

Brian is survived by his wife Maria who gave birth to their baby daughter, Theresa Marie, 4 days after his death. His parents, Mike and Joanne Smith, currently reside in Prospect, KY. His brother, Kevin Smith, lives in Van Nuys, CA with his wife Amy.

Class of 1991

Brian is one of 10 members of the Class of 1991 on Virtual Memorial Hall.

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