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Caspar Goodrich '01

Date of birth: May 4, 1881

Date of death: July 15, 1907

Age: 26

Lucky Bag

From the 1901 Lucky Bag:

Biography & Loss

From Wikipedia:

Caspar Goodrich, son of Rear Admiral Caspar F. Goodrich, was born in Italy. Goodrich was appointed a midshipman from Connecticut on 7 September 1897. He was designated a Naval Cadet 10 June 1901 and reported to Lancaster for duty. From 1903 to 1905 Goodrich served in Maine, Cleveland, and Chicago. Assigned to Georgia on the Atlantic Station in June 1906, Goodrich was killed 15 July 1907. He was the command officer of the after superimposed 8" gun turret when a flare back caused 104 lbs. of powder to explode behind the starboard gun. Ten men were killed, including Goodrich. Eleven men were injured.

From Together We Served:

  • 1901-1903, USS Lancaster (1858) (Screw Sloop)
  • 1903-1903, USS Maine (BB-10)
  • 1903-1904, USS Cleveland (C-19)
  • 1904-1906, USS Chicago (CA-14)
  • 1904-1906, CINCPACFLT

Caspar is buried in New Jersey.


USS Goodrich (DD 831) was named for Caspar and his father; the ship was sponsored by his mother.

Class of 1901

Caspar is one of 4 members of the Class of 1901 on Virtual Memorial Hall.

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