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Date of birth: February 12, 1940

Date of death: September 22, 1966

Age: 26

Lucky Bag

1962 Knochel LB.jpg

From the 1962 Lucky Bag:

Charles Allen Knochel

Buck Creek, Indiana

Hailing from Buck Creek, by way of Purdue University's NROTC unit, Chuck came to Canoe U. with definite plans for success. This he achieved academically, on the sports field, and in becoming one of '62's best-liked members. Disaster befell this young Hoosier during his youngster year, but after nearly 100 consecutive hours of ED and three months of restriction, Chuck was still in the thick of things, with his sense of humor unimpaired. No matter where life takes him, Chuck is bound to return to Buck Creek, and in the interim, he will have found many new friends and have reached the upper rungs on the ladder of success.

1962 15th Company Fall


1962 Knochel 1.jpg

Charles's AH-1H Skyraider was hit by ground fire on September 22, 1966 over Mu Ron Ma and the starboard wing caught fire. He ejected overt sea but his chute was seeing to be wildly gyrating and he hit the water hard. By the time the helicopter got to him he had disappeared beneath the waves. He was a member of Attack Squadron 176 (VA 176), flying from USS Intrepid (CVS-11).


From Find A Grave:

Navy Lt. Charles Allen Knochel, 26, Buck Creek, died Thursday, Sept. 22, when his Navy Skyraider fighter plane was shot down during a mission over North Viet Nam.

His parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fern L. Knochel, who live on Route 5 at the edge of Buck Creek, were first informed their son was missing by Navy personnel from Purdue university.

Later Thursday they received a telegram from the Navy Department saying he had been killed in action.

The officer's father said they were told his son's jet had reached the open sea, presumabley on the flight back to the carrier, and that he successfully bailed out. Skyraiders do not have ejection seats.

Since Lt. Knochel was a proficient swimmer, the older Knochel said, "we assume he either was wounded and unable to further help himself, or became entangled in his parachute." There is no hope of locating the flier's body.

Lt. Knochel as a part of Squadron VA176 was assigned to the carrier USS Intrepid last March in the waters off South Viet Nam.

His widow, the former Harriet Tyler Heise of Annapolis, Md., said he never had indicated the number of missions he had flown, but had been looking forward to rest and recuperation in the Philippines, and hoped to leave for home the latter part of October or early November.

He was graduated from Buck Creek high school in 1957 and after a year at Purdue entered the U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, Md.

He was graduated in 1962, took flight training at Pensacola, Fla., and received his wings at the Corpus Christi (Tex.) Naval Air Station in 1963.

Last year he took part in a cruise on the carrier USS Shangri La in the Mediterranean Sea and through last winter was stationed at the Jacksonsville (Fla.) Naval Air Station.

He recently was awarded an Air Medal with gold star aboard the Intrepid "for meritorious achievement in aerial flight."

The officer's widow has been living with her sister in Williamsburg, Va., whose husband is also in Viet Nam. The couple's daughter, Elizabeth Merritt, is eight months old.

Lt. Knochel's father is a Republican member of the Tippecanoe County Council from the 2nd District.

Also surviving are a brother, John of Indianapolis; two sisters, Mary J and Jane, at home; grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Gust Knochel and Mr. and Mrs. P.W. Merritt of Remington; and numerous other relatives in the Remington area.

He married Harriet Heise on December 27, 1964 in Annapolis.


From Wall of Faces:

I never knew my father because I was an infant when he was shot down. It is enough for me to know that he did what his nation asked of him. He did it bravely and he did it gladly.

I am proud of this legacy, and prouder still to be the mother of his two bright, brave grandchildren who resemble him in body and spirit. ELIZABETH MERRITT KNOCHEL WHALING, 10/29/09

Family Pictures

These pictures are all from Find A Grave, posted by Alana Knochel Bauman.

Fern Knochel & his son Charles
Charles & John Knochel
John, Charles, Janie & Mary Jo Knochel

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