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Cleaveland Miller '29

Date of birth: July 22, 1907

Date of death: August 9, 1942

Age: 35

Lucky Bag

From the 1929 Lucky Bag:


Cleaveland was lost when USS Vincennes (CA 44) was sunk early in the morning of August 9, 1942 by Japanese surface forces at the Battle of Savo Island.

His wife was listed as next of kin; he was also survived by a son, Cleveland Dale Miller.


From A Log of the Vincennes:

Cleaveland Dale Miller was born in Providence, Rhode Island on July 22, 1907, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Cleaveland Miller. After attending the Moses Brown School, of Providence, and the Marion Institute, of Marion, Alabama, he entered the United States Naval Academy, where he graduated in 1929. He served as Ensign on the Florida, Pennsylvania, and Concord until late in 1931, when he was detached for instruction at the Submarine Base at New London, Connecticut.

On July 18, 1932, Ensign Miller was commissioned Lieutenant (jg) and subsequently served on board the S-17, the R-2, the Eagle (commanding this patrol vessel for a time), and as Instructor of the Naval Reserve of the Seventh Battalion at Jersey City, New Jersey. He was commissioned Lieutenant on September 1, 1937, to rank from June 30 of that year. In January 1938, Lieutenant Miller served as Instructor of Naval Reserve, Thirtieth Fleet Division, at Garfield, New Jersey, and for the last half of July 1938 he was the executive officer of Hamilton. On August 4, 1939 he reported for duty on Vincennes, and after the Battle of Midway was commissioned Lieutenant Commander to rank from June 15, 1942. Surviving Lieutenant Commander Miller are his mother, his wife, Mrs. Mary Norris Miller, and son, Cleaveland Dale Miller, Jr., who was born November 13, 1938, and lives with his mother in Baltimore, Maryland.

Class of 1929

Cleaveland is one of 29 members of the Class of 1929 on Virtual Memorial Hall.