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Daniel Mahony '97

Date of birth: December 22, 1873

Date of death: August 10, 1909

Age: 35

Lucky Bag

From the 1897 Lucky Bag:


Daniel "died at Mare Island, Cal." on August 10, 1909. He was stationed at the Navy Yard there. Unable to determine an exact cause of death, but it was most likely not operational: the Baltimore Sun reported (three days after his death) that he had orders to the Naval Hospital "to continue treatment."

The Register of Alumni gives only his date of death.

He is buried in Michigan with his parents.


He was a member of the board conducting trials for the "submarine boats" Plunger, Porpoise, and Shark. He also wrote an article on "Speed and Coal-Consumption Curves."

He was an usher in a wedding of his classmate in 1903.

Memorial Hall Error

Daniel's name is spelled "Mahoney" in Memorial Hall; however, it is spelled without the "E" in Lucky Bag. He was an editor of the Lucky Bag. (It is also spelled without an "E" in the Register of Officers and on his headstone.)

More significantly, though, illness is not a criteria for inclusion in Memorial Hall.

Class of 1897

Daniel is one of 3 members of the Class of 1897 on Virtual Memorial Hall.

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