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Fred Cannon '40

Date of birth: 1916

Date of death: September 15, 1942

Age: ~26

Lucky Bag

Fred Beatty Cannon, Jr. is listed on the page titled “And Some We Knew.”


Fred was lost when USS Wasp (CV 7) was sunk by a Japanese submarine on September 15, 1942.

His parents were listed as next of kin. He has a memory marker in West Virginia.

Memorial Hall Error

Memorial Hall lists Fred without "Jr." with his classmates, and also as a LTJG; all other references (and his headstone) have ENS. Headstone also includes USNR.

"Jr." is present on the killed in action panel in the front of Memorial Hall.

Class of 1940

Fred is one of 91 members of the Class of 1940 in Memorial Hall.