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George Richards '47

Date of birth: February 23, 1925

Date of death: January 16, 1957

Age: 31

Lucky Bag

From the 1947 Lucky Bag:


From the April 1957 issue of Shipmate:

The class has been deeply saddened by a report of the death of Lt. GEORGE F. RICHARDS, JR., in line of duty. Marilyn Richards, writing from her home in 5360 LaJolla Blvd., LaJolla, Calif., tells us:

"He was killed on a long-range low-level navigation flight (routine) on January 16, 1957. He was flying the Douglas AD-6 `Skyraider' so was alone in his plane when the accident occurred, but two other AD's were flying his 'wing' at the time. I am quoting this information from a letter I received from his skipper. I continue to quote: 'George was an outstanding pilot with many hours of experience in the model of plane he was flying. He had far more experience in this particular type of flying than most of us. His ability, good judgment and his experience make me believe that had it been possible for a pilot to avoid this accident, George was the pilot to have done so.' The flight was out of Miramar but the accident occurred in northeast Arizona in the desert. His squadron was still VA-55 and he was scheduled to go overseas again for another seven-month tour this April. The skipper learned the morning of the accident that George was scheduled to be sent to Naval War College in Newport upon his return from overseas and reorganization of the squadron. He had just completed the Strategy and Tactics correspondence course from there.

The class and in particular George's classmates of the 24th Company extend to Marilyn Richards and the boys their heartfelt sympathies.

He is buried in California.

Class of 1947

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