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Date of birth: December 20, 1944

Date of death: August 3, 1970

Age: 25

Lucky Bag

From the 1968 Lucky Bag:


Henry "Mac" McGreevey came to the Naval Academy after two years in the Navy, one of which was spent at NAPS. Not quite the smartest man in the class, but a dedicated natural athlete, Mac could have played on any one of the varsity teams. He decided on soccer and has played three years on the varsity squad without any previous experience.

Henry has always been high on the aptitude ladder, being Batt. Commander second class year and Co. Commander first class year. If his grades were a little higher he definitely would have been among the 5 stripers.

Seldom seen without a beautiful drag on the weekends, Mac is well known for his good naturedness and friendliness. He is undoubtedly a man with very few enemies.

After two bouts with seasickness on Youngster and First Class cruise, Mac has decided that Navy Air is the only way to fly.

1968 McGreevey LB.jpg

File:1968 27th Company 2nd Set.jpg
1968 27th Company 2nd Set


Mac was lost when the P-3A Orion aircraft he was co-piloting crashed near Searchlight, NV. Stationed at NAS Barber's Point, HI, the aircraft and crew was over NV for cross-country navigation training.

He was survived by his wife, Rose.

Previously selected for promotion to LT, he was posthumously promoted.


From GH Spaulding:

On 1 October, 41 family members, friends and fellow squadron mates gathered in Searchlight, Nevada to honor fallen shipmates from VP-I 7. They observed a new bronze plaque depicting an Orion mounted on a large rock at the local park. The sculpture memorializes the 10 P-3A (ZE.6, BuNo 152159) crew members who perished in a crash in the Searchlight area on August 3rd, 1970. Crew member names are on a separate plaque on the rock.

Crew of ZE-06

  • LT Timothy D. Bailing, PPC
  • LT Norman L. Johnson, TACCO
  • LTJG Henry J. McGreevey, CP
  • ADJ1 Ambrose Ordonia, FE
  • ADJ1 Johnny D. Shelton, FE
  • ATN3 Cletus L. Morrison, RDO
  • AW3 John D. Maas, ASW
  • AW3 John W. Schmitz, IV, ASW
  • AW3 Michael A. Silvera, ASW
  • AW3 Bruce E. Weaver, ASW