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Date of birth: unknown

Date of death: September 23, 1972

Age: unknown

Lucky Bag

1970 Pilger LB.jpg

From the 1970 Lucky Bag, Volume II:


"Captain Easy" came to the infamous trade school after an illustrious academic and athletic career in North Syracuse, New York. He quickly adjusted to the new routine and began making successful assaults on the Academic Departments and athletic fields. The latter occasionally resulted in short sabbaticals for recuperation. But, he made the best of a poor situation by calling in support from his little black book. "Pilge" constantly expanded his activities and could be found studying the TV Guide or doing research in many D. C. establishments. Mathematics was Rick's forte, and he spent much time giving E. I. to his puzzled friends. His decision for Marine green with wings surprised no one, and he will be a welcome addition to any command.

He was also a member of the 12th Company staff (fall).

Life & Loss

Unable to find any information on Henry's life or loss. USNA 1970 lists his date of death as 9/23/1972 but gives no details. His brother's obituary from 2013 indicates that he had a sister and two brothers. There was a USMC helicopter crash during a NATO exercise on that date, but unable to find if Henry was aboard.