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John Lewis '40

Date of birth: 1916

Date of death: June 15, 1944

Age: 27

Naval Academy Register

John Bagley Lewis was admitted to the Naval Academy from Washington on June 15, 1936 at age 19 years 9 months. (Birthday = ~ September 1916.)

He resigned from the Naval Academy on February 18, 1937; he was “deficient in studies, first term's work. Recommended to be dropped. Permitted to resign.” The Lucky Bag page titled “And Some We Knew” includes him.

Life & Loss

Unable to find any information about John's life or loss.

There are only two mentions of a John B. Lewis as a casualty in World War II:

LEWIS, John B, LT, 178664, Second Marine Division, Saipan capture, June 15, 1944, (CasCode121) killed in combat, dd June 15, 1944 (bp1)

A second mention is with other Navy personnel under the Second Marine Division section, but there is no detail or other information. Many of the names are Pharmacist's Mates — Corpsmen, who were in each platoon of Marines. (Note: The heading may be misleading. Another name not far from John's is that of Robert Isely '33, who was commanding officer of a Torpedo Squadron engaged in close air support over Saipan.)

John B. Lewis, service number 178664, is listed on page 392 of the Register of Commissioned and Warrant Officers of the United States Naval Reserve of 1944. His year of birth is given as 1909; his "date of precedence" as October 1, 1943, and his "pay entry base" as July 28, 1942. His classification is "D-VS." There are no annotations in the "naval schools attended" column.

From Naval History and Heritage Command:

D-V(S) -- USNR designation for deck officers, commissioned and warrant, including boatswains and ship's clerks, qualified for specialist duties. This classification was abolished in September 1944 and replaced by (D), (D)l, (S), or S with proper special designator suffix.

From the September 1946 issue of Shipmate: "LEWIS, JOHN BAGLY [sic], Lieutenant DV(S), USNR. Died 15 June 1944. Saipan. Pacific area. Enemy action."

There is no listing in the ABMC Burials and Memorializations Database.

His name is on the killed in action panel in the front of Memorial Hall.

It appears he was married in 1940.

Class of 1940

John is one of 91 members of the Class of 1940 on Virtual Memorial Hall.

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