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Lucky Bag

From the 1968 Lucky Bag:


A native of Baltimore, Maryland, Jack entered the Naval Academy directly after graduating from Baltimore Polytechnic Institute, where he excelled in wrestling and lacrosse. Jack soon discovered the tremendous challenges presented by the Naval Academy's tough set of regulations and demanding academic course. Since plebe summer, the "Duck" as he is known to his more intimate friends for some unknown reason, has become a master of study time evasive maneuvers. Plebe and varsity lacrosse were Jack's primary athletic interests, however, during his "Senior" year he retired his lacrosse stick so that he might devote his full time to extracurricular sports car racing. All of us will fondly remember the "Duck", for his pleasant, easygoing personality formed many a lasting friendship. His high intellectual capacity (although not reflected to his grades) coupled with a natural leadership ability, and a deep sense of reponsibility will stand Jack in good stead throughout his Naval Career.