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Lucky Bag

From the 1967 Lucky Bag:


A native from the swamplands of Baton Rouge, La., Johnny spent a year at L.S.U. before entering the Naval Academy. The "Deacon's" natural ability with academics consistently earned him "stars." While working on two majors, Johnny always had time to bestow his knowledge on less endowed members of the Brigade. His easy-going, quiet manner, led to a constant circle of friends around him. Johnny's favorite pastime is eating. He was always the last to be excused from the table after consuming vast quantities of hamburgers and other mess hall delicacies. His outstanding personality and leadership qualities have served him well here at the Academy and should be great assets in the Fleet.

1967 Lay LB.jpg

File:1967 1st Regiment Spring.jpg
1967 1st Regiment Spring
File:1967 3rd Battalion Fall.jpg
1967 3rd Battalion Fall