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Lucky Bag

From the 1972 Lucky Bag, Volume II:


The "Weasel" or just plain "Weas," whose nickname fits him perfectly, arrived at Navy, bright eyes and fuzzy cheeked and fresh from high school in Alexandria, Virginia. The young aspirant's first weeks at the Academy were pretty rough. Plebe summer his roommate decided he didn't like the hairstyles and went home leaving Weasel with a private room for almost a month. Never a canaidate for the Ac Board (though he seemed to be trying like crazy) Weasel always had time for football, a quick game of pinochle, or a little rack. Except for a few short (but fulfilling) romances, Weasel's main love has always come in a pop top can. After graduation Weas is hoping on a destroyer for two years, and then intends to take Pensacola by storm. All in all, the Navy's going to gain a fine officer in Weasel (unless prohibition comes back).