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Louis Hagan '45

Date of birth: 1922

Date of death: February 17, 1945

Age: 23

Naval Academy Register

Louis Patrick Hagan was admitted to the Naval Academy from Kentucky on July 5, 1941 at age 19 years 6 months. He resigned on January 29, 1942 with the note "Resignation accepted. Deficient in studies."

Lucky Bag

Lewis Patrick Hagan is listed among those classmates who did not graduate in June 1944 with the Class of 1945.


Louis was lost during the landing at Iwo Jima on February 17, 1945. He was one of five officers in a typical compliment of USS LCI(G) 471. (LCI = Landing Craft, Infantry; the "G" indicated that the ship didn't actually land ground forces but instead provided fire support with rockets and 40mm and 20mm guns.)

From an account on the action of an LCI(G) Group at Iwo Jima:

11:32 - Having received two additional hits which killed nine men, wounded six, disabled the bow 40mm gun and started another fire, LCI (G) 471 was ordered to retire.


"The ten LCI (G)’s supporting the Underwater Demolition Teams suffered a total of 201 casualties or thirty percent. Of this number 47, or seven percent were fatalities."

Louis' commanding officer, Lt.(jg) Stanley R. Hudgins, was awarded the Navy Cross for his heroism that day, as were nine other officers of LCI (G) Group Eight. The Group was also awarded the Presidential Unit Citation.

Class of 1945

Louis is one of 59 members of the Class of 1945 on Virtual Memorial Hall.