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== Lucky Bag ==
== Lucky Bag ==
[[File:1971 Orrison LB.jpg|250px|right]]
[[File:1971 Orrison LB.jpg|right|thumb|250px]]
From the [http://usnaluckybag71.blogspot.com/ 1971 Lucky Bag:]
From the [http://usnaluckybag71.blogspot.com/ 1971 Lucky Bag:]

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Date of birth: February 5, 1948

Date of death: June 6, 1976

Age: 28

Lucky Bag

1971 Orrison LB.jpg

From the 1971 Lucky Bag:


Hailing from the golden lands of California, Orrie hit the Academy with his blond locks and devastated the female population of the entire East coast. Mike showed us the "state," which some of us had confused with the "hot dog." It took Orbit a while to get his "Yessir's" and "Aye-Aye's" straight. After a rather incredible chain of events in 1/c year, Michael got the name "Crash," and the title was well-deserved. As a Naval aviator I'm sure Mike will be welcome in any cockpit in which he flies.


Mike was lost when his A-6E Intruder crashed 16 miles north of Goldendale, WA on June 6, 1976. He was a member of Attack Squadron (VA) 95. The other crewman was also killed.