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Ralph Carroll '24

Date of birth: September 1, 1901

Date of death: October 17, 1925

Age: 24

Lucky Bag

From the 1924 Lucky Bag:


From "The Irony of Legal Pluralism in U.S. Occupations" in the AHR (American History Review) Forum by Alan McPherson:

ON THE EVENING OF OCTOBER 17, 1925, U.S. Navy ensign Ralph Carroll ran down thestreets of Port-au-Prince. Inebriated and out of uniform, he was chasing a Haitianman who was helping two women escape Carroll’s apparent amorous overtures. Carroll caught up with them, berating them in English, and beat the man with his fists while the Haitians pleaded in Kreyol that they did not understand him. A twenty-one-year-old carpenter, Azard Fecui, happened upon the group with two friends. Scandalized that his fellow Haitian had failed to put up a fight against the white sailor, Fecui stabbed Carroll. The thirteen-inch cut, two inches deep in some places, sliced Carroll from his underarm to his abdomen and punctured his brachial artery. Blood gushed everywhere. The Haitians fled the scene. Carroll stumbled, then fell thirty-seven yards down a cliff. He was likely dead before he hit bottom.

He was serving aboard USS Whipple (DD 217) at the time.

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