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[[File:1958 Kornegay LB.jpeg|400px]]
[[File:1958 Kornegay LB.jpeg|400px]]
[[File:1958 4th Battalion Winter.jpg|400px|none|thumb|4th Battalion Winter Leadership]]
[[File:1958 4th Battalion Winter.jpeg|400px|none|thumb|4th Battalion Winter Leadership]]


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Lucky Bag

From the 1958 Lucky Bag:


Centreville, Alabama

Bob came north after a year of civil engineering at the University of Alabama, ready to set all the Yankees straight on who really won the Civil War. His pre- Academy "book-larnin" helped him breeze through the academics and enabled Bob to spend a lot of his time in which to elaborate on the glories of his beloved Dixie and to help the lightweight football team win a couple of championships. His slow drawl and cheerful smile will long be remembered by his classmates; we wish him the very best of everything in his quest for Navy wings.


File:1958 4th Battalion Winter.jpeg
4th Battalion Winter Leadership