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Lucky Bag

From the 1969 Lucky Bag:


Tom Tyler came to the Naval Academy from Sparta, New Jersey via Admiral Farragut Academy. With such a background, the life of a midshipman was old hat to Tom and he always found a way to sidestep the system. As a talented athlete, he was a welcome addition to the batt boxing and company football teams. Academics never held much excitement for Tom and he was always looking for other outlets. A good man at a party, he managed to retain a fine selection of the fair sex for such occasions, and as one of the eighth company "Road Maggots," Tom has emphasized that the quiet conservative life is not for him. Tom's plans for his life in the Naval Service are somewhat hazy, but what ever he chooses he will be an asset to that field and a credit to his class.

1969 Tyler LB.jpg

File:1969 8th Company Spring.jpg
1969 8th Company Spring