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Charles Marik '63

Date of birth: April 14, 1939

Date of death: June 25, 1966

Age: 27

Lucky Bag

From the 1963 Lucky Bag:


From USNA Class of 1963:

On June 25, 1966, LT(jg) Charles Marik and Lieutenant Commander Richard M. Weber, pilot, were the crew of an A-6A from USS Constellation (CV 64) on a combat mission against the Hoi Thuong Barracks, a coastal target in northern Vietnam. Their aircraft was hit by anti-aircraft fire in the tail section during a bombing run on the target and the pilot found the aircraft was not responding to control. Both crewmen bailed out and the pilot was in contact with Lieutenant Marik while descending but did not observe him actually land in the water. The pilot landed in the water approximately 3-5 miles from the beach in the South China Sea. After landing he shouted for LT(jg) Marik and fired his weapon into the air but never received a response. An airborne SAR force rescued Commander Weber but was unable to locate any trace of Marik after a four hour search.

Charles has a memory marker in Arlington National Cemetery.


From the October 1973 issue of Shipmate.

From the October 1973 issue of Shipmate:

LCdr. Charles Weldon Marik, USN, was presumed killed in action 15 May 1973, after having been missing in action since 24 June 1966. A memorial fund in his name has been set up at St. Bruno's Catholic Church in Dousman, Wisconsin and a memorial marker has been set up in Arlington National Cemetery.

Upon graduation from the Naval Academy in 1963, LCdr. Marik was assigned to the ship's company in the Roosevelt. He then reported to pre-flight school in Pensacola, Fla., and because of his eyes, went into the NAO Program which led him from Pensacola to Navigation School at Sanford, Fla. Upon completion of school there, he reported to VA 42, the A6-A training squadron at Oceana, Va. He was assigned to VA 65 which was in the process of transitioning to A6's.

In April 1966, VA 65 was deployed in the Constellation to WestPac. On 24 June 1966 LCdr. Marik's A6 was hit by ground fire while on a bombing mission near Vihn. They managed to get the plane over water before ejection, both with good chutes. The pilot, LCdr. Richard Weber, was rescued, but there was no sign of LCdr. Marik. He was not among the returning POW's.

LCdr. Marik is survived by his widow, Margaret, Box 175, Dousman, WI 53118; and a son, Steven Scott.


From Wall of Faces:

Charles was my mother's cousin and I have been looking for information for him. This is the first time I have seen a picture of him. I have always thought of him, especially after I joined the Air Force.

Charles your family misses you and loves you very much.

Your ever loving cousin, MAURA MARIK WANE, 1/29/03

Charlie and I worked together for three years during HS, at Greenbriar Hills CC, here in Kirkwood. He was the caddymaster and I ran the refreshment stand. We had many good times together after work. We went to different high schools (he to Eugene Coyle here in Kirkwood and I to Christian Brothers College HS in Clayton) and he was a year older - but we "doubled" a number of times. We lost track after he graduated - it was only in 2014 that I found him via a Google search. Sad. TOM MAHER - KIRKWOOD, MO, 5/27/15

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