Class of 1984

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Class of 1984

Graduates: 1004

Non-graduates: 253

On Virtual Memorial Hall: 9

1984 Lazevnick LB.jpg
James Lazevnick
Class of 1984

Lieutenant (j.g.), US Navy

Paulsboro, New Jersey

July 30, 1987 (25 years old)

Operational loss, Helicopter Combat Support Squadron (HC) 2, Helicopter, USNA 21st Company

1984 Hawley LB.jpg
Brian Hawley
Class of 1984

Lieutenant, US Navy

South Lake Tahoe, California

April 14, 1988 (25 years old)

Operational loss, Attack Squadron (VA) 145, Fixed Wing, USNA 25th Company

1984 Prusinski LB.jpg
Mark Prusinski
Class of 1984

Lieutenant, US Navy

Litchfield, Minnesota

March 28, 1990 (28 years old)

Operational loss, NAF China Lake, Fixed Wing, USNA 17th Company

1984 McBride LB.jpg
Richard McBride
Class of 1984

Lieutenant, US Navy

Houston, Texas

January 14, 1992 (29 years old)

Operational loss, Training Squadron (VT) 27, Fixed Wing, USNA 3rd Company

1984 Bates LB.jpg
John Bates
Class of 1984

Lieutenant Commander, US Navy

Chattanooga, Tennessee

January 29, 1996 (33 years old)

Operational loss, Fighter Squadron (VF) 213, Fixed Wing, USNA 15th Company

1984 Ehlers LB.jpg
Mark Ehlers
Class of 1984

Lieutenant Commander, US Navy

Yucaipa, California

February 4, 1997 (35 years old)

Operational loss, Sea Control Squadron (VS) 22, Fixed Wing, USNA 10th Company

1984 Oswald LB.jpg
Peter Oswald
Class of 1984

Commander, US Navy

Bellingham, Washington

August 27, 2002 (41 years old)

Operational loss, SEAL, Fast rope, USNA 2nd Company


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