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One hundred seventy-six men of the Naval Academy were lost in the Vietnam War and earlier operations. The first, Roger Mullins '45, was lost in a plane crash on February 17, 1960; the last, Gary Simkins '65, over thirteen years later on April 3, 1973. Twenty-four classes had members who were killed in Vietnam; the senior class represented by George Chamberlin, Jr. '43 and the junior by three members of the class of 1969. Seven were non-graduates.

Thanks to Captain Mike McGrath, USN (Ret.), USNA '62, for his dedication in compiling the original list of alumni killed in action during the Vietnam War, and for providing insight and details for several of the men listed here.


All ranks are as reflected in Memorial Hall; in many cases their rank at date of loss was junior and they were promoted while in a missing status.

This list includes 31 men who were lost while operating in theater and are most accurately considered non-combat, operational losses. Two of those 31 are on the Memorial Hall killed in action panel. One other, killed in direct action with the enemy, does not appear on the panel. We will work with the Naval Academy to correct these errors.

All but two of the men below are also on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. The criteria for inclusion is laid out in this document. Those two who alumni who are not — Roy Ference '55 and Richard Schenk '63 — were civilian employees of the US Department of Agriculture and US Agency for International Development, respectively.

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