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Orland Pender, Jr. '66

Date of birth: August 23, 1944

Date of death: August 17, 1972

Age: 27

Lucky Bag

From the 1966 Lucky Bag:

Loss & Return

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From Find A Grave:

Lieutenant Commander Pender was a member of Fighter Squadron 114, Carrier Air Wing 11 aboard the Aircraft Carrier USS KITTY HAWK (CVA-63). On August 17, 1972, he was the radar intercept officer of a McDonnell Douglas Phanton II Fighter (F-4J) on an escort mission of a group of attack bombers against a target near Haiphong, North Vietnam when his aircraft approached Hon Gay contact was lost. His remains were recovered on November 29, 1994 and identified on February 20, 1996. His name is inscribed on the Courts of the Missing at the Honolulu Memorial.


From Wall of Faces:

O.J. we were roomates 1st class year at USNA and went thru P-cola together. You were a true officer & gentleman and I was humbled and honored to call you my class mate & friend. I remember the summer I visited you in Atlanta and your folks had a big party. Your great aunt heard my "Yankee" accent and went off on me about Sherman's march thru Georgia. You rescued me from her but I learned something about the after-effects of war. You were a great hooker on the rugby field and talked me into joining you for some serious head banging. We had some good times. I wound up in SEAL Team and did 3 tours and was so saddened to learn you were shot down. You are forever in my thoughts and memories as a class mate, friend and the example of the ideal officer. Rest in peace brother - at the 50th reunion 23rd Company will hoist a glass in your memory! TOM BOYHAN, TJB20@FRONTIER.COM, 7/25/16

I was checking my logbook. We flew together at least 140 times. And we shared the same room on the Coral Sea. You were always the better man, Jim. I admired your interpersonal skills and they certainly made you the better naval officer. Remember the day Mustang called to advise you had a new baby girl? You were useless the rest of that flight! You survived flying with me and that should have been enough. I was shocked when a couple of years ago I googled your name and found you were lost. JOHN HOLLAND, HOLLANDJE@VERIZON.NET, 12/26/09

I still think of you often, Jim, and remember our days together at USNA. Thanks for your sacrifice and heroism so that I and others might live as we do. My prayers are with you, my friend. TOM PORTER '66, 11/13/04


He was survived by his father, Orland James "Joe" Pender, Sr.; possibly his mother Margaret Pender; his brother Gary; and sister Terri Dye.

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