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Henry Serex '55

Date of birth: May 9, 1931

Date of death: April 2, 1972

Age: 40

Lucky Bag

From the 1955 Lucky Bag:

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Henry was lost when the EB-66E aircraft he was aboard was shot down over North Vietnam on April 2, 1972. This shoot-down began a series of rescue attempts and continued losses of aircraft, part of which was featured in the movie Bat*21.


From Wall of Faces:

Lt. Col. Henry Muir Serex was born and raised in Louisiana. He was the son of Rev. Adrien and Mrs. Mary Serex and had one sister and two brothers . After graduating from the U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland in 1955, he joined the Air Force. He served in Iceland, Harlingen, Texas, Biloxi, Mississippi, Dayton, Ohio, El Segundo, CA. and Sacramento, CA. In 1971 Henry left for Korat, Thailand. While there, as an Electronics Warfare Officer, he flew as part of a crew in EB-66 reconnaissance planes. These planes flew missions over Viet Nam, jamming enemy radar so the Viet Cong could not detect the B52 bombers. On Easter Sunday, April 2, 1972, a turn took place in the war with a major offensive and battles in the area of the DMZ. Our troops were surprised and unprepared for enemy strikes from South Vietnam. A SAM missile struck Henry's plane. He and four of his fellow crewmen have been "Missing-In-Action" ever since that day. The plane's navigator was able to bail out, evading capture in enemy territory for 11 days. He was finally rescued. It is the story of the flight and the navigator's experience in the jungle that the book, "BAT-21" was based. This was then made into a Hollywood movie of the same name. Henry, affectionately known as "Mick" by family and friends, was married to Barbara, a nurse. They had 2 daughters, Jennifer and Kathryn. The family still lives with the uncertainty of Mick's fate. In recent years there was a sighting by satellite photography of the name "SEREX" scratched out in foliage in the yard of a known North Viet Nam POW camp. Nothing of this has ever been proven or disproven. Thus his case is unresolved and continued searching for an accounting is on-going to this day. BARBARA SEREX LUNDEEN, 12/11/01

Barbara was his wife, who remarried.

The gallery pictures are all from Wall of Faces and most appear to be posted by his daughter, Jennifer Serex-Helwig, jvserwig@aol.com.

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