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Creed Sewell '62

Date of birth: February 5, 1940

Date of death: January 26, 1964

Age: 23

Naval Academy Register

Creed Arthur Sewell was admitted to the Naval Academy from Oklahoma on June 30, 1958 at age 18 years 5 months. His date of birth is given as February 5, 1940.

He resigned on June 23, 1960; he was "Deficient in studies. Reexamined and again deficient. Discharged under honorable conditions."


From the April 1964 issue of Shipmate:

On 26 January 1964 George Schwetzer sent me a clipping from the San Diego paper telling of the death of Lt. (jg) CREED ART SEWELL who was killed when his T -33 jet trainer crashed into the sea off North Island Naval Air Station. Art was a member of the 14th company until mid-semester of our youngster year and starred in athletics while at the Academy. Witnesses say the aircraft was falling almost straight down. At about 200 feet Sewell gained partial control but was unable to bring the plane out of its plunge. According to observers there was no explosion or fire. Art was married and lived at 1381 Palm Ave., San Diego, Calif.

Many of us knew Art quite well. He was a fine, outstanding man and capable officer. In his passing we have lost much. I would like to convey condolences and respect to his family from the class.

Creed was a member of Utility Squadron (VU) 7.

In addition to his wife, Kathleen, he was survived by his parents and two brothers. He is buried in Texas. His headstone indicates he was from Oklahoma.


From Find A Grave:

I worked for Ltjg Sewell in the squadron where he was killed in San Diego, CA. I remember him well. He was killed in the flight of a T-33 aircraft. He had a flame out next to North Island jetty and went in. He was still strapped into the aircraft when the divers went in to get him out. He was my division officer. Glad that he is remembered.

Memorial Hall Error

Creed is not listed with his classmates. This omission was discovered while reviewing Shipmate magazine.

His loss is listed correctly, including rank, service, date, and location, in the Register of Alumni.

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