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Edward Ericcson '16

Date of birth: July 21, 1892

Date of death: October 26, 1922

Age: 30

Lucky Bag

From the 1916 Lucky Bag:


From Find A Grave:

Lieutenants E. L. Ericsson and R. F. Armstrong Fall At Hampton Roads

NORFOLK, Virginia, October 26, 1922 – Lieutenants E. L. Ericsson and R. F. Armstrong were instantly killed this afternoon when a JN-4 training plane fell 800 feet at the Hampton Roads Naval Air Station.

The two naval officers had gone for a test flight. Suddenly their plane dropped almost vertically from a height of 800 feet. The first persons to reach the scene of the accident found both officers dead.

At the Naval Air Station it was said that both officers had been there about eighteen months, most of the time on duty with the torpedo training squadron. An inquiry into the cause of the accident was ordered.

At the Navy Department, Lieutenant Ericsson's home address was given as West Hampton Beach, New York, while Lieutenant Armstrong, who was formerly from New Rochelle, New York, was said to have lately changed his residence to Norfolk.

From Army-Navy-Air Force Register and Defense Times:

Lieutenant Edward L. Ericsson and Lieutenant Roger F. Armstrong, U. S. Navy, were killed instantly in a nose dive of the machine in which they were flying near No. 1 hangar at Hampton Roads operating base Thursday afternoon. Both were regarded as skillful flyers, and the details of the exact cause of the accident are lacking as our account closed.

Lieutenant Ericsson commanded the squadron of seaplanes which attacked the fleet in the recent maneuvers and was scheduled to command a squadron to fly over Norfolk the following day in celebration of Navy Day.

Edward is buried in New York. He was survived by a brother, Hampton M. Ericsson '24 (who passed away in December 1968, per the March 1969 issue of Shipmate).


He authored a piece for the Proceedings of the US Naval Institute that was published posthumously: "Maneuvering Aircraft In Formation."

Memorial Hall Error

Edward's name is spelled "Ericcson" in Memorial Hall; it should be spelled "Ericsson".

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