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Frank Bowdon '80

Date of birth: unknown

Date of death: June 24, 1884

Age: unknown

Lucky Bag

The Lucky Bag was first published in 1894.

Naval Academy Register

Frank Welch Bowdon was admitted to the Naval Academy from Texas on September 11, 1875 at age 17 years 7 months.


From Proceedings of the United States Naval Institute:

Ensign Frank Welch Bowdon. Born January 16, 1858. Appointed a Cadet Midshipman, September 24, 1875. Graduated, June 3, 1880. Ordered to the Galena, August 13, 1880, and detached June I, 1882. Appointed a Midshipman, June 22, 1882. Ordered to training ship New Hampshire, August 18, 1882, and on October 4 was detached and ordered to special duty in Bureau of Navigation. Commissioned an Ensign, Junior Grade, March 3, 1883. Ordered, September i, 1883, to Trenton. He died on board the Trenton, at Korea, on June 24, 1884. Total sea service, two years, eleven months. Shore duty, five years and four months. Total service, eight years and nine months.

When the cause of death is something other than illness or disease it is usually specified; strongly suspect his death was due to illness.

It appears that a letter of his was published in the Galveston Daily News on May 19, 1884. He was serving aboard USS Trenton (1876), which was the first Navy ship to receive electric lights.

Seems likely that this father: Franklin Welsh Bowdon.


From Naval History and Heritage Command:

Cadet Midshipman, 24 September, 1875. Graduated, 22 June, 1882. Ensign, Junior Grade, 3 March, 1883. Died 24 June, 1884.

Class of 1880

Frank is one of 4 members of the Class of 1880 in Memorial Hall.