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Lucky Bag

1952 Grammer LB.jpg

From the 1952 Lucky Bag:

Frederick Edward Grammer, Jr.

Bremerton, Washington

Bremerton, Washington, relinquished Fred to the Navy in 1948 after he spent a year at Washington State College. With a year of WSC rifle team experience under his belt, the Navy expert pistol and rifle medals were easy prey for him. Youngster year found Fred as one of the mainstays on the Academy sailing team for which he won his Navy "N" and a membership to the "N" Club. As a member of the Reception Committee his last three years, Fred furthered the relations between visiting teams and Navy. Far from being a Red Mike, Fred played the field with the fairer sex. His easygoing manner will carry Fred a long way in his Navy career.


From USS Hornet:

Frederick Edward Grammer Son (natural) Frederick 'Fritz' Grammer Watson 1960 - 1962? VS-37 Squadron. Killed during S2 Tracker landing accident aboart Hornet. Phone: (530) 893-3174

In the Class of 1952's book, “As We Recall,” the only information given is "aircraft accident 1962."

Unable to find Fritz in the 1962 USS Hornet (CVS 12) Mediterranean Sea cruise book's pages of VS 37. There is an In Memoriam page without Fritz's name on it.

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