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LTjg Glenn William Johnson, USNR, was lost on September 13, 1944 when USS Warrington (DD 383) foundered in a hurricane. He was born in Iowa in 1919, and has a memory marker there. He was ten years old when the Class of 1929 graduated the Naval Academy.

Glenn Wilbur Johnson, of Iowa, was admitted to the Naval Academy on June 25, 1925, aged 18 years 4 months (date of birth roughly February 1907). (Researcher Kathy Franz confirmed date of birth as February 11, 1907.) Glenn Wilbur Johnson is listed on the page "Shore Patrol" under the paragraph "Insomuch as sealegs were not attributes of all of us, there were many delegated to chase the elusive rainbow's gold on terra firma—hereby follows a roster of the permanent shore patrol." He left the Naval Academy on February 9, 1927 during Youngster year. His home of record was Grinnell, Iowa.

Despite what appeared in Shipmate, below, he died in 1987 in Oklahoma at the age of 80. Unable to find any record of Glenn Wilbur Johnson following his resignation, though his obituary mentions a career at General Electric. There is no evidence that he rejoined the naval service, or even military service. He was survived by his sister.

From the September 1946 issue of Shipmate:

JOHNSON, GLENN WILBUR, Lt. (jg), USMR*. Died 14 September 1944. USS WARRINGTON. Atlantic Area — at sea.

*Note "USMR" appears in the text.

In addition to the rank and service in Memorial Hall, the Register of Alumni gives the same loss date for Glenn William Johnson.

The Glenn W. Johnson memorialized at the Naval Academy is the wrong man, who at no point was a member of the Class of 1929.

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