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Henry Nix '51

Date of birth: September 2, 1929

Date of death: September 22, 1962

Age: 33

Lucky Bag

From the 1951 Lucky Bag:


From VP Navy:

Missing Aircraft Found on Montague Island in the Gulf of Alaska
North Island Plane Burns
Marines Reach Debris On Slop of Mountain

The burned wreckage of a twin-engine North Island Navy patrol plane carrying a crew of 10 was found early today on Montague Island in the Gulf of Alaska. There were no survivors.

The Navy said the plane, object of an intensive sea, air and land search since Saturday, had crashed against a mountain at 1,900 feet and burned.

A 20-man force of Marines, placed ashore off the Navy's USS Kodia, was sent to the crash scene after the wreckage was spotted from the air by a Coast Guard Albatross. The ground crew took the bodies from the wreckage and placed them aboard the Kodiak.

The search was conducted from the Navy's Alaska Sea Frontier.

The wreckage was spotted as the searchers got their first break from the weather.

The aircraft was from the 42nd Navy Patrol Squadron at North Island. It left there Sept. 3 for temporary duty at Kodiak, Alaska. It was due back in San Diego Friday.

The patrol plane, a twin-engine Martin Marlin, was on a routine reconnaissance flight when it disappeared about 150 miles southeast of Anchorage, Alaska. It was missed when it failed to make a routine communications report Saturday.

The Navy identified the mssing airmen as:

  • LCdr. Henry B. Nix, 33, Pilot
  • Lt. Allen Feinstein, 26, Co-Pilot
  • Ltjg. Lawrence S. Hembree, 25, Navigator
  • David L. Hart, 20, Aviation Electronics Technician
  • Romy G. Bradberry, 32, Aviation Electrician
  • Ralph C. Poort, 36, Aviation Machinest's Mate
  • James L. Kirkey, 21, Aviation Electronics Technician
  • Hiram C. Hurd, 21, Aviation Ordinanceman
  • Ralph D. King, 21, Aviation Structural Mechanic
  • Robert J. Joss, 24, Aviation Electronics Technician

The pilots wife, Mrs. Mary Nix, mother of five children was under a doctor's care. Nix, an Annapolis graduate, is a Navy veteran of 11 years. Their children are Kenneth, 16; Lindell, 15; Carole, 11; Thomas, 10, and Laura, 5.

The date of the crash was September 22, 1962. He is buried in California. His wife died in 1998 and is buried with him.

He was also survived by five children. (Information from November 1962 issue of Shipmate.)

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