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Henry Green '70

Date of birth: March 16, 1849

Date of death: July 7, 1883

Age: 34

Naval Academy Register

Henry Loomis Green was admitted to the Naval Academy from New York City, New York on July 31, 1866 at age 17 years 4 months.

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From Proceedings of the United States Naval Institute, 1884:

Lieutenant Henry Loomis Green. Born, New York City, March 16, 1849. Appointed a Midshipman, July 31, 1866. Graduated from the Naval Academy, June 7, 1870. Ordered to the Plymouth, July 2, 1870; detached and placed on waiting orders, June 24, 1873. Commissioned an Ensign, July 13, 187 1. Ordered to temporary duty on the Powhatan, November 16, 1873, and later to the Pinta. October 29, 1874, detached from Pinta. Commissioned a Master, May 23, 1874. January 2, 1875, ordered to special duty, Inter-Oceanic Survey. September 13, 1875, ordered to Gettysburg. June 14, 1876, detached and granted three months' leave. September 1, 1876, ordered to Hydrographic Office; detached March 28, 1877, and placed on waiting orders. April 25, 1877, ordered to Saratoga. February 25, 1880, detached and placed on waiting orders. September 1, 1880, ordered to Naval Academy. Commissioned a Lieutenant, November 23, 1880. Summer of 1881 made cruise in practice ship Dale. Died, Annapolis, Md., July 7, 1883. Sea service, eight years, nine months; shore duty, six years, six months; total service, sixteen years, eleven months.

Henry's cause of death was dysentery. He is buried in New York.

He was survived by his wife and son. His son was a Captain in the Marine Corps as of 1910.

Class of 1870

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