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Henry Kleemann '65

Date of birth: July 2, 1943

Date of death: December 3, 1985

Age: 42

Lucky Bag

From the 1965 Lucky Bag:


Henry was killed when his F/A-18 flipped on the runway at NAS Mirimar on 3 December 1985. He was Commanding Officer of Air Test and Evaluation Squadron (VX) 4. Wikipedia has more information


Henry was one of pilots involved shooting down two Libyan fighters in the Gulf of Sirte on Aug. 19, 1981; as his was first, he is credited with the first air-to-air kill in a F-14 Tomcat.


From Kleefamhist.com:

Henry Martin Kleemann was born on 2 July 1943, the oldest child of Henry and Catherine Kleemann and their only son. On 5 October 1973, Henry Martin Kleemann married Carol Anne Teano in Annapolis, MD. Carol had two children from her first marriage:
1. Steven S.S. Seiden (born 13 July 1967)
2. Susan Elizabeth Seiden (19 May 1969)

Henry and Carol had two children together:
3. Michael Andrew (26 August 1974)
4. Katherine Marie (13 October 1977)
They raised all four children together.

Class of 1965

Henry is one of 23 members of the Class of 1965 in Memorial Hall.