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Henry Handy '69

Date of birth: 1848

Date of death: December 23, 1884

Age: ~36

Lucky Bag

The Lucky Bag was first published in 1894.

Naval Academy Register

Henry Overling Handy was admitted to the Naval Academy from Massachusetts on July 25, 1865 at age 17 years 4 months.


From Proceedings of the United States Naval Institute:

Henry O. Handy was appointed an Acting Midshipman in tbe Navy, July 25, 1865. Graduated at the Naval Academy, July 4, 1869. June 30, 1869, ordered to the Sabine. July 28, 1870, detached and ordered to examination for promotion, 30th September. October 28, 1870, promoted to Ensign, from July 12, 1870. October 28, 1870, ordered to the Navy Yard, Boston. November 30, 1870, detached and ordered to the California, 10th December. September 30, 1873, detached from the Narragansett and placed on waiting orders. November 18, 1873, commissioned as Master, from July 12, 1871. January 14th, 1874, ordered to the Frolic. March 30, 1874, detached and granted three months' leave of absence. July 15, 1874, ordered to duty on the Coast Survey. January 22, 1875, commissioned as Lieutenant, from November 9, 1874. December 31, 1875, detached from duty on the Coast Survey, and ordered to the Vandalia, 10th January. January 20, 1879, detached and placed on waiting orders. June 2, 1879, ordered to Torpedo instruction. September 6, 1879, detached and placed on waiting orders. January 9, 1880, ordered to the receiving ship Wabash. October 20, 1881, detached and ordered to the Brooklyn, 2d November. October 15th, 1884, detached and placed on waiting orders. December 8, 1884, granted six months' leave of absence. He died at Washington, North Carolina, on the 23d December, 1884.


From the Naval History and Heritage Command:

Midshipman, 28 July, 1865. Graduated June, 1869. Ensign 12 July, 1870. Master, 12 July, 1871. Lieutenant, 9 November, 1874. Died 23 December, 1884.

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Class of 1869

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