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James Brown, Jr. '73

Date of birth: April 25, 1951

Date of death: November 28, 1979

Age: 28

Lucky Bag

From the 1973 Lucky Bag:


From Life on the Kitty Hawk:

28 Nov 1979: Kitty Hawk arrived in the vicinity of Diego Garcia, British Indian Ocean Territory. NL 626, an EA-6B (BuNo 158541), CDR Peter T. Rodrick, squadron CO, LCDR William J. Coffey, LT James B. Brown, Jr., and LT(JG) John R. Chorey, VAQ-135, launched for a scheduled electronic support measures (ESM) mission, at 1324, at 07º33’S, 073º19’E. Kitty Hawk was under EMCON A conditions, which prohibited electronic emissions from either the ship or the Prowler. Within two minutes the Prowler passed close abeam of guided missile cruiser Jouett (CG-29), about eight nautical miles ahead of the carrier. The EA-6B suddenly executed a “near vertical climbing turn,” partial cloud cover obscuring further observation of the aircraft, though it is surmised that the crew was practicing a “low level ingress tactic.” Though not verified, it is believed the Prowler impacted the water at approximately 13 miles off the port beam of Kitty Hawk, 63 nautical miles from Diego Garcia, at 1505. Despite determined efforts by two SH-3Hs from the carrier and a Lockheed P-3 Orion from Diego Garcia, none of the men were recovered.

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Peter Rodrick '64 was also lost in this crash.

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