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Birthdate & Date of Loss

Date of birth: unknown
Date of death: November 13, 1942
Age: unknown

Lucky Bag

1940 Hanna LB.jpg

From the 1940 Lucky Bag:


Pueblo, Colorado

"J. C." came to the Naval Academy with a strong Navy background from the U. S. Fleet. His interests, excepting the inevitable academics, which really never seemed much of a problem to him, have been chiefly aesthetic ones. He likes nothing better than reading a good book of philosophy, unless it might be listening to music. Socially he is bound to be a great success. He was never to be found around the Academy on week-ends, for he always spent them with his many friends in Annapolis. As a classmate he has been a splendid friend and companion. Generous and light-hearted, nothing could ever disturb his habitual good humor.


"J.C." was lost in USS San Francisco (CA 38) during the Naval Battle of Guadalcanal on November 13, 1942.

His wife was listed as next of kin.

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