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John Murchison, Jr. '45

Date of birth: 1921

Date of death: December 31, 1946

Age: 25

Naval Academy Register

John Darrach Murchison, Jr. was admitted to the Naval Academy from California on June 27, 1941 at age 20 years 5 months.

Lucky Bag

John Darrach Murchison, Jr. is listed among those classmates who did not graduate in June 1944 with the Class of 1945.

Life & Loss

Unable to find any details about John's life or loss. Register of Alumni gives only a date of death, December 31, 1946. The Alumni Association gives the same date, and "Delaware Bay plane crash - body not recovered."

Class of 1945

John is one of 59 members of the Class of 1945 in Memorial Hall.