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John Murchison, Jr. '45

Date of birth: 1921

Date of death: December 31, 1946

Age: 25

Naval Academy Register

John Darrach Murchison, Jr. was admitted to the Naval Academy from California on June 27, 1941 at age 20 years 5 months. He resigned on February 11, 1943, with the note: "Deficient in studies. Reexamined and again deficient. Recommended to be dropped. Permitted to resign."

Lucky Bag

Midshipman 4/c Murchison in the 1943 Lucky Bag

John Darrach Murchison, Jr. is listed among those classmates who did not graduate in June 1944 with the Class of 1945.


From the April 1947 issue of Shipmate:

JOHN DARRACH MURCHISON, JR. '45, (Ens. USN). Died on 31 December 1946 as a result of a plane crash during snowstorm near Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

In the March 1945 issue: " JOHN MURCHISON, '45, writes from 2725 Prince Street, Apt No. 3, Berkeley 5, California: "I am now an aviation cadet finishing my primary training at Glenview. I expect to be transferred to Corpus Christi for my intermediate and advanced training within the next month (Feb.) J. S. MAYO, also of '45, is still a classmate of mine in this program.""

In the February 1946 issue: "JOHN D. MURCHISON, JR., '45, (Ens., USNR), gives his latest change of ad- dress as Box 30, JOQ, USNAS, Fort Lauderdale, Fla. and reports: "I am still struggling through operarional traitung in TBM's. There are several here from '44 and even a few of the recent Lt Comdr.'s from '42. "My old roommate, Dick Duckett, who left '45 about a year before I did, is now married and a full Lieutenant serving as a landing signal officer under CQTU, Quonset, R. I. He had his sea duty in SB2C's."

In the June 1946 issue: "JOHN D. MURCHISON, (Ens. USNR) gives his duty address as VB 82, c/o FPO, New York, N.Y."

Register of Alumni gives only a date of death, December 31, 1946. The Alumni Association gives the same date, and "Delaware Bay plane crash - body not recovered."

A family genealogy site gives his date of birth as 1921. He is not listed in the 1944 Register of Officers of the Naval Reserve. (There is no scanned and publicly-available corresponding issue in 1945 or 1946.)

Class of 1945

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