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Birthdate & Date of Loss

Date of birth: March 28, 1928
Date of death: August 25, 1969
Age: 41

Lucky Bag

1950 Chambers LB.jpg

From the 1950 Lucky Bag:


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

J.J. came to the Naval Academy after a year's preparation at Villanova College where he was an engineering student. His time must have been well spent as our academics didn't seem to slow him down too much. Many a study hour he shot with a bull-session or reading a novel, much to the consternation of his roommates. J.J. liked to sing and, although he was no Crosby, he did fairly well. All his athletic endeavors centered around the Crew Squad, and most afternoons he was at Hubbard Hall working out. He seems to have taken a liking to the air, and the fleet will probably get another good fly-boy when he graduates.


John's portrait as Commanding Officer, Fighter Squadron (VF) 151, USS Constellation cruise book 1966

From USNA 1950:

Highly decorated in the Korean and Viet Nam wars, Commander Chambers was to take command of Attack Carrier Air Wing 9 at Lemoore, CA, when killed at sea flying an F-4 phantom jet fighter off San Diego, CA.

He has a memory marker in Arlington National Cemetery.

Distinguished Flying Cross & Bronze Star

Unable to find the citations for his two Distinguished Flying Crosses and three Bronze Stars engraved on his memory marker. He was also awarded the Purple Heart prior to his loss.


John was commanding officer of Fighter Squadron (VF) 151 from April 9, 1966 to March 1967. During this time the squadron was heavily engaged in the Vietnam War, operating from USS Constellation (CVA 64).

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