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Birthdate & Date of Loss

Date of birth: November 27, 1930
Date of death: April 19, 1962
Age: 31

Lucky Bag

1953 Foy LB.jpg

From the 1953 Lucky Bag:


Southwick, Massachusetts

And now the pride and joy of Southwick, Massachusetts, the one and only Jack Foy. Originally a Coast Guard candidate, Jack decided upon USNA while prepping at Stanton Academy, even though many of his buddies chose West Point. At Navy, battalion handball and cross country held his attention. He kept the Midshipman's Store in business as far as stationery went; almost any free period would find him busily scratching away epistles for home. His carefree manner and friendly attitude caught many friends; he was never one to harbor bad feelings or malice. Graduation, Jack hopes to enter naval aviation.


John and another pilot were lost when their T-33 Shooting Star crashed near Hill AFB, Utah, on April 19, 1962. He is buried in Arlington National Cemetery with his wife, Dorothy.

The aircraft was assigned to the Air Force Logistics Command, but appears that John and the other pilot were attending graduate school.

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