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John Mayer '13

Date of birth: May 24, 1890

Date of death: April 4, 1919

Age: 28

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John Lyne Mayer, "Johnny," was from York, Pennsylvania and is listed on the "Casualties" page.


John was lost on April 4, 1919 when he was killed while leading a patrol against Haitian revolutionaries.


From Find A Grave:

A son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Mayer of York, Pennsylvania, John Lyne Mayor attended Saint Luke's College, near Philadelphia, Pa, and then received an appointment to the US Naval Academy where he was a Midshipman from July 1, 1909, until his resignation on June 12, 1912, as a non-graduating member of the Class of 1913.

Commissioned as a 2ndLt, United States Marine Corps, to rank from 10 December 1912, Mayer attended the precursor of today's "TBS" at Norfolk, Virginia, prior to serving at Guantanamo as a student officer under Captain "Hiking Hiram" Bearss of Samar fame.

Mayer's subsequent service included three years aboard the battleship USS South Carolina.

The officer then served in Haiti during World War I.

In October 1916 Mayer was promoted to the rank of 1stLt USMC to rank from 29 August 1916.

In June, 1917, he was advanced to the rank of Captain, USMC, to rank from 29 August 1916, the same date of seniority in rank as his previous promotion.

Highly regarded within the Corps, Captain Mayer gave up the command of his company in October 1918, having been authorized by the Secretary of the Navy to assume the rank and to wear the insignia of a Major (Temporary rank), USMC, as of September 13, 1918.

On April 4, 1919, while in command of US Marines and members of the Haitian Gendarmerie, Major John Lyne Mayer was killed in action during a skirmish against the insurrectionary Haitian "Caco" forces about 5 miles north east of Mirebalais.

The actual cause of his death was a "rifle bullet wound." According to the Marine Corps after action report, the Major's death came "instantly."

News of the Major's death was given little place in the North American press and the funeral service at St John's Episcopal Church of York, Pennsylvania, was a modest affair on April 15, 1919.

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John is the only honoree listed on the killed in action panel at the front of Memorial Hall under the heading "Haiti 1919."

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John is one of 9 members of the Class of 1913 on Virtual Memorial Hall.