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Lucky Bag

1941 Reeves LB.jpg

From the 1941 Lucky Bag:


Elizabeth, N.J.

John came from his home town in New Jersey and China via prep schools in New York and Annapolis. When we first encountered him, lasting impressions were caused by his possession of a certain worldly wiseness and an evident artistic temperament. Raving one minute, laughing the next, serious the third, he is the true “artiste.”

His water colors, done as the mood strikes him, are ample proof of a great taste which places him in the realm of the temperamental artist. An ardent lover of music, his tastes range from Silhelvus’ composition of “Finlandia” to Barnet’s rendition of “Cherokee.” In picking his passage along the path of academics, John found a few difficulties, but surmounted them by virtue of his saving sense of humor plus an inherent common sense. He could have easily starred—if it had not been for ‘’Cosmo, Redbook, Colliers, Esquire,’’ and academics. Athletically, our hero badmintonned, boxed, held beautiful hands (also bridge), and made those amazing paintings.

‘’Drum and Bugle Corps 4; Log Staff 4, 3; Boat Club 4, 3, 2; Battalion Boxing 2; Masqueraders 4.’'

The Class of 1941 was the first of the wartime-accelerated classes, graduating in February 1941.


Unable to find details, but John was killed in a “flight training accident during WWII and was never married.”

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